Children’s Programs at UMCG include infants through 4th grade
Children are promoted to the next grade level in September.

Please complete a UMCG Children & Youth registration form for your child (and youth) so we may welcome them and know a little bit about their needs.

Our little ones are cared for by nurturing adults and youth who provide a warm and comforting experience. You will be asked to sign in when you drop off and pick up your child. Submitting a Children’s Ministry registration form will give us additional information about your child and enable us to better care for him or her.

Children's Sunday School Opportunities

9:00 a.m.

  • Infant through toddlers cared for in the nursery.
  • 2 year-olds (2 years old by Sept. 1) participate in a traditional Sunday school. Please bring child directly to the 2 year old classroom prior to worship and sign their name on the clipboard.
  • 3 year-olds (3 years old by Sept. 1) through Kindergarteners participate in Godly Play a creative and imaginative approach to teaching the stories of God’s people. Godly Play connects biblical stories with the child’s own experience and encourages curiosity and imagination as we discover the mystery and joy of God. Please bring child directly to the Godly Play classroom prior to worship and sign their name on the clipboard.
  • 1st graders– 4th graders participate in Journey of Faith, and experience the same thematic lesson in five unique interactive settings over the course of five weeks. This multi-layered approach allows children with different interests and learning styles to better understand the stories. Lessons are presented in workshops such as computer, video, drama, art, storytelling, games and cooking.
    • Please sign your Journey of Faith child's name on the grade specific clipboard in first floor Atrium prior to the worship service.
    • Journey of Faith children attend the beginning of worship with their family and following Words for Children, they are dismissed to meet their Shepherd in Fellowship Hall who will lead them to the appropriate workshop.

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