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We’re glad you found us, and we look forward to meeting you in person. At the United Methodist Church of Geneva, we open our hearts, minds and doors to all.  Check out the About Us page for more info. 


Judicial Council Ruling on Friday, April 28, 2017 states that consecration of Bishop Rev. Karen Oliveto, an openly homosexual bishop, violates church law. However, Bishop Oliveto “remains in good standing” until an administrative or judicial process is completed.

Click here for NIC UMC Bishop Sally Dyck’s letter in response to this ruling.

In her letter, Bishop Dyck states, “The divide in our views about how the church deals with matters concerning human sexuality are profound and will require continuing prayerful and careful attention. But I am deeply concerned that elements within The United Methodist Church continue to obsess on human sexuality while our communities and world around us are in such great need. I am convinced that a persistent focus on our differences regarding how we view LGBTQ persons does not communicate the “highest ideals of Christian living” to a skeptical and fractured world nor bear evidence of our abiding love for and embrace of all people both within and beyond the church."